Your Birth, Your Worth Podcast: Episode 4

by | Feb 27, 2019

“Your Birth, Your Worth” is a podcast exploring the link between feelings of worthiness and birth and postpartum experiences.  Spoiler alert: you are worthy because you are you.  There are no conditions on your worthiness.

Our mission is to help you believe in your inherent worthiness and to offer tools, information, ideas, and inspiration to help you have empowered, supported, and respected births and postpartum transitions.  Episodes drop every Wednesday.

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Your Birth, Your Worth Podcast: Episode 4

Below is a short clip from the episode.  You can list to the whole thing at our podcast website.

“When we talk about the big deal about VBAC – people who want that come up agains all these obstacles” – Taylor

In today’s episode, Taylor talks about her favorite topic – VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). Tune in to learn what you can expect during your VBAC journey. In this in-depth conversation, she shares the facts, history, and challenges of VBAC and talks about why it’s hard for some people to access care for a VBAC. She dives into tips and idea to help people on their VBAC journey. Her mission as a doula and VBAC mentor is to help parents find the VBAC support they need and help them prepare for empowered births that leave them feeling respected, supported, and confident.

Key Takeaway:  Support from care providers, friends and family, and a doula is incredibly helpful as you pursue a VBAC. You deserve support and you have the right to make the choice that feels best for you and your family.


    • The history of VBAC and VBAC myths
    • How to research providers and birth locations if considering a VBAC
    • Challenges of the VBAC journey
    • The gift of finding a supportive provider
    • Why worth plays a role in deciding your options
    • Best online resources for VBAC
    • Taylor’s Facebook group
    • What you can do to improve your chances of having a VBAC
    • The benefits of professional VBAC support



Resources mentioned in the episode

ICAN (International Cesarean Awareness Network):

VBAC Facts:

Taylor Davis



Facebook group:

Darcy Sauers



I'm Taylor, your VBAC Doula

I'm Taylor, your VBAC Doula

I’m a doula, doula trainer, childbirth educator, ICAN leader, cesarean mama, VBAC mama, and HBAC mama.  My mission is to support VBAC hopefuls to have empowered births.

"Taylor is warm, encouraging, and assertive. She allowed me to take charge and supported my decisions. I know that is the role of a doula, but I guess I expected to be following her lead or waiting for her suggestions. In the moment of labor, I needed those around me to support me in whatever felt right in that moment. It’s like she knew my body would lead and she followed that. I felt loved and heard every step along the way."


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