Your Birth, Your Worth Podcast: Episode 2

by | Feb 18, 2019

“Your Birth, Your Worth” is a podcast exploring the link between feelings of worthiness and birth and postpartum experiences.  Spoiler alert: you are worthy because you are you.  There are no conditions on your worthiness.

Our mission is to help you believe in your inherent worthiness and to offer tools, information, ideas, and inspiration to help you have empowered, supported, and respected births and postpartum transitions.  Episodes drop every other Wednesday.

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Episode 2: Taylor’s Story


“When we think about the culture of birth in our country, we have this message that we need to deter to the authorities…”

Episode 02 is all about my birth experiences and what I learned in the process of each of those journeys. After a cesarean and a VBAC, in which I never fully maintained ownership of myself and my experiences, I knew that things would need to be different when I had my third child. I share about how my first birth affected my feelings of worth and my connection with my baby. I dove into doula work after my 2nd baby was born and some years later, ultimately had an empowered home birth with my 3rd son. My mission as a doula and VBAC mentor is to help parents prepare for empowered births that leave them feeling respected, supported, and confident.

Key Takeaway: Birthing people deserve respect, support, and autonomy. Only each person knows what’s best for them and their family. Birth interventions can be life- saving, but they’re being used way more than they are needed, and often undermine parents’ confidence and self-ownership.


  • The right to have options during birth
  • Breech babies
  • What supportive doula care is and isn’t
  • The cesarean rate in the U.S. is high, with 1 in 3 babies being born via cesarean
  • How birth experiences affect our postpartum and parenting experiences
  • VBAC is a safe a reasonable option, with a lot of misinformation around it
  • Sharing your birth stories as a way of healing


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I'm Taylor, your VBAC Doula

I'm Taylor, your VBAC Doula

I’m a doula, doula trainer, childbirth educator, ICAN leader, cesarean mama, VBAC mama, and HBAC mama.  My mission is to support VBAC hopefuls to have empowered births.

"Taylor is warm, encouraging, and assertive. She allowed me to take charge and supported my decisions. I know that is the role of a doula, but I guess I expected to be following her lead or waiting for her suggestions. In the moment of labor, I needed those around me to support me in whatever felt right in that moment. It’s like she knew my body would lead and she followed that. I felt loved and heard every step along the way."


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