Are you ready to

Rock your vbac?

1:1 VBAC mentorship to prepare you for an empowered birth.

Do you feel scared and uncertain when you think about having a vbac?

Maybe you’ve committed fully to the decision to have a VBAC, or maybe you’re still navigating some fears and not ready claim it.  Either way, you know deep in your soul that you want to have a VBAC.  You also know that the path to a VBAC is full of obstacles, fear, and uncertainty.  I’ve walked that path, twice on my own, and countless times with incredible and determined families.

I’m Taylor, Your VBAC Doula

Supporting families as they embark on their VBAC journeys is my greatest honor.  My world was rocked when my first child was born via cesarean and it led me to doing this deeply important work.  As a VBAC mom, certified birth doula, doula trainer, childbirth educator,  ICAN leader, and VBAC mentor, I have a wealth of knowledge and experience that I bring to my work with VBAC families.  While I continue to work with local families as a birth doula, I absolutely love being able to offer 1:1 mentorship to people worldwide and am grateful that it allows me to support so many families.

1:1 VBAC Mentorship will help you:

Hire a supportive provider

Learn strategies for advocating for yourself and communicating effectively with your provider

Process your previous experience so it doesn’t hijack your next birth

Acknowledge fears and reduce their power

Build a dynamite support team

Understand your options so you can make the best choices for you and your baby

Learn skills for labor and birth to maximize your chances of having a VBAC

Build confidence and believe that you can and will have an empowered birth

VBAC Mentorship Options

60-minute VBAC Clarity Intensive


Can’t find a supportive provider?

Not sure if VBAC is right for you?

Stuck replaying your previous birth and having trouble thinking about this next one?

Feeling pretty good, but need help creating a VBAC birth plan?

We’ll identify your biggest hurdles and we’ll come up with action steps to held you overcome them.



5-Session empowered VBAC package


Feeling stuck each step of the way?

Needing continuous support as you navigate this journey?

We’ll take each step of the journey and support you to build tools, gain confidence, and move confidently towards your VBAC.  We can process your previous birth, explore and disempower fears, practice effective communication with care providers, explore and learn about your birthing options, build your best birth team, create a solid birth plan, practice skills and strategies for coping with labor, and do anything else that you need to be ready to have an empowered birth.

These sessions will cover what you need most.  We’ll start with a 60-minute intensive (you can apply the fee for the 60-minute if you’ve previously done that) and follow up with 4 45-minute sessions at intervals that work best for you, depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy.




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Happy Clients

“I’m happy to say that I had an amazing VBAC with zero medication or interventions. I am truly thankful for Taylor and the major role she played in helping me achieve the birth that was both the best for my baby, but for me as well! I highly recommend Taylor and wouldn’t hesitate to hire her again for future pregnancies.” – Erin

Taylor had tons of advice for me on what I could do without worrying about losing my options. Every little bump in the road, she was always there to scoop me back up and let me know that this was my birth and I was in control. She gave me self esteem when I didn’t have any and caring advice when I wasn’t sure about any part of the pregnancy.” – Amanda

Taylor helped me think through common interventions and how I might respond to them.  I felt like I was prepared for various outcomes and scenarios because we walked through them together.  Those prenatal visits are worth their weight in gold.  They helped prepare my husband for his role in supporting me in labor.  He felt like he played a part and was less of a background player than he previously expected to be.  I felt like I had a prepared team and everyone was in it together.” – Emily

Less worry.  More confidence.

work with me and walk confidently towards your vbac.