Your Birth, Your Worth Podcast: Episode 1

by | Feb 2, 2019

I’m thrilled to be launching and co-hosting this podcast with postpartum doula extraordinaire, Darcy Sauers!  “Your Birth, Your Worth” is a podcast exploring the link between feelings of worthiness and birth and postpartum experiences.  Spoiler alert: you are worthy because you are you.  There are no conditions on your worthiness.

Our mission is to help you believe in your inherent worthiness and to offer tools, information, ideas, and inspiration to help you have empowered, supported, and respected births and postpartum transitions.  Episodes will drop every other Wednesday.

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Your Birth, Your Worth Podcast: Episode 1


“I always say, I could say the same exact sentence to you that your mom says to you. And the way your mom says it could make you cry and the way I say it, you’re like ‘Oh, that’s a great idea!’” – Darcy, postpartum doula

Welcome to the premier episode of Your Birth, Your Worth. This is a podcast by doulas for parents and parents-to-be. In this episode, your hosts, Taylor Davis, a birth doula and Darcy Sauers, a postpartum doula, share what led them to becoming doulas and why they believe there is a link between birth and postpartum experiences and feelings of worthiness amongst new parents. Today, Taylor and Darcy both open up about birthing their first children and why it’s OK to question your care provider during your birth experience.


Key Takeaway:

Our birth and postpartum experiences can affect our feelings of worthiness. Our feelings of worthiness affect our birth and postpartum experiences. You are worthy of a respected, safe, and empowered birth and postpartum.


  • Worthiness: The quality of deserving respect and attention
  • Birth/pp experiences affect our feelings of worthiness
  • Our feelings of worthiness affect our birth and postpartum experiences
  • The role of a birth doula
  • Midwife vs. doula
  • The role of a postpartum Doula
  • The power of nonjudgmental support
  • Darcy and Taylor’s experiences around worthiness and birth/pp
  • Questioning your care provider is OK


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I'm Taylor, your VBAC Doula

I'm Taylor, your VBAC Doula

I’m a doula, doula trainer, childbirth educator, ICAN leader, cesarean mama, VBAC mama, and HBAC mama.  My mission is to support VBAC hopefuls to have empowered births.

"Taylor is warm, encouraging, and assertive. She allowed me to take charge and supported my decisions. I know that is the role of a doula, but I guess I expected to be following her lead or waiting for her suggestions. In the moment of labor, I needed those around me to support me in whatever felt right in that moment. It’s like she knew my body would lead and she followed that. I felt loved and heard every step along the way."


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